Rita is a queer entrepreneur and career coach on a mission to empower LGBTQ+ people to build careers and lives that fill them with purpose by guiding them to be who they are and do the work they love. Her approach catalyzes transformations in her clients’ personal and professional lives, their workplaces and the wider world. Rita inspires authenticity, resilient relationships and innovative thinking all in the name of building a more loving, connected and sustainable world: in her view, all results of a world where each of us is doing what we love. 


Empowering LGBTQ People At Work

Can you imagine what a more passionate and empowered workforce could accomplish?

What if all us LGBTQ+ employees were whole-heartedly confident in the unique value that our presence, our skills and our insights bring to the greater workplace collective? 

In this workshop you will learn how to more authentically show up as your true self, to creatively actualize what you want in and from your immediate work environment and to align how you work with your passions and values. 


1. Strengthen your relationships to your LGBTQ+ colleagues and your overall work environment

2. Gain deeper insight on your unique value as an LGBTQ+ person and employee

3. Leave with 2 customized strategies on how to infuse your talents and passions into your work life


Cultivating Workplace Belonging

Do you envision an environment of true belonging for LGBTQ+ people at your workplace?
How would having stronger and more vibrant workplace relationships increase your company’s ability to impact the world?

This interactive workshop queers understandings of connection and authenticity and offers up tools and insights to create the foundation necessary for thriving workplaces that foster innovative thinking, resilient teams and healthy work environments. Best of all, you’ll get to have fun while doing so!


1. Gain valuable insights that will strengthen your ability to foster inclusion and belonging for LGBTQ+ people

2. Acquire a deeper understanding of how to use the soft skills necessary for authentic relating in the workplace

3. Leave with 2 customized and relevant strategies towards nurturing better connections with LGBTQ+ people



How To Do what you love and How it can change the world

How many times have you heard someone assert that a career and a passion are two mutually exclusive things that only a few of us are lucky to have combined? Sure, jobs are necessary for our survival, but what would the world be like if every person out there was doing what they truly loved?  In this talk, I highlight my ‘Five Pillars of Finding Work You Love’ and demonstrate the transformative possibility that emerges from aligning our careers with our purpose and desires for both our own lives and changing the world.

how fear can lead you home

The things we most fear hold our greatest potential to realize our wildest dreams. All too often fear is treated as something to avoid or manage, but what would happen if we curiously moved toward it instead? In this talk, I draw my unique undertaking of fear as an LGBTQ+ person and reveal the transformative potential of building a relationship with fear in order to allow me to fully be myself, and follow the career paths of my dreams. I demonstrate the ways in which reconfiguring our approaches to fear shift the ways we live our entire lives and are necessary precursors to actualizing our most powerful, authentic and whole selves. 

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