Career Fear to Career Possibility

Let’s get you off this hamster wheel so you can pursue those big dreams you once buried. I promise, your (career) happiness is worth it!

How it works:

  1. You’ll take my assessment and answer questions that’ll help us identify exactly what’s keeping you stuck and where you need to go from here.
  2. Next, we hop onto a 45 minute call. From there, we discuss a shift in approach that will help you make meaningful change towards your best possible professional life.
  3. You will walk awaywith two specific and achievable actions steps toward finding work that makes your heart sing and that supports you in building the life of your dreams. (Go get ‘em!)
  • Fill out the payment form by clicking the "buy now" button below
  • Fill out the assessment form on the next page and click submit
  • Book your 45 minute follow up call with Rita
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