Career Fear To Career Possibility: Assessment and Debrief Session


Have you ever found yourself lost in a daydream, thinking about what your life *could* be like, wishing you had a job where you got to DO the things you really love and BE your best self in the process?
Maybe you come home at night and find yourself too exhausted to really do anything.
You’re just outright miserable and exhausted, unable to leave your current job because the the thought of it makes you want to crawl into bed with a bag of chips and binge watch Queer Eye.

It’s time for you to take the ‘Career Fear To Possibility’ assessment and discover what’s keeping you stuck and how to get moving towards those big dreams you have for your life and work that you buried long ago.

How ‘Career Fear to Career Possibility’ works:

  1. You’ll answer questions that’ll help us identify exactly what’s keeping you stuck, and where you need to go from here.
  2. Next, we hop onto a 45 minute call. We’ll discuss a shift in approach that will help you make meaningful change towards your best possible professional life
  3. You’ll walk away with with two achievable & measurable action steps toward finding work that makes your heart sing; and that supports you in building the life of your dreams. (Go get ‘em!)

Assessment, 45 minute debrief call, & two action steps:  $250  $100

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PURPOSE, CONNECTION, POWER: Private Coaching Program

Imagine being able to launch a career that brings out the best in you, enhances your ability to create positive impact in your environments, and provides you with the freedom you need to build a life that springs you out of bed every morning and that you can’t stop telling all your chosen family about…
Work with me one on one to receive sustained one-on-one support from a compassionate and committed coach, rooting for you and challenging you to make things happen.
Together, we cover my 5 pillars to finding work you love!

1: Stepping Into Your Best Self

Hear me out. You are a fierce badass. You’re creative, resourceful and smart as hell! I know, it doesn’t always feel that way. That’s why we start with helping you get in touch with your most powerful, confident and fabulous you.
We’ll set you up with the right mindsets and customized strategies to help you make more room for you and your career discovery journey in your life
2: Your Super Powers & Being the Authentic You
Together, we dive deep into your passions, your greatest talents and your core values. We help you bring them front and centre and use them to define your dream career and how to proceed with it in ways that are fun and inspiring for you!

3: Career Possibility: Dreams To Action

The truth is, we can only really know things after we try them. I will be there as you lay the foundation to put your dream into action and get connected with the right people and resources. Together, we assist help you refine your path and approach and keep you fiercely moving  forward. 

4: Build Your Team and Career Community

Time to gather the right people and network around you! Together, we identify key players in your new career field. Building strong, strategic and (importantly), authentic relationships is a key stepping stone to exploring Dream Career territory and landing the jobs that most ignite you!

5: Get it! Powerfully Creating Your New Reality

We get down to (more) businessI’ll support you with your resume, interviews, business plans, branding strategies, etc – whatever it is that your new career requires.
We work to ensure you can tell which employers, jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits can support you to properly thrive as an LGBTQ person (we won’t settle for any positions that treat you any less than absolutely spectacular!).
Get ready to feel and BE unstoppable!
For your benefit and mine, my private coaching program consists of a minimum of 6 sessions, starting at $1000+
The finer details of your individual coaching package will be discussed when you book for free discovery call with me (click below!)
Ready to be the most Brazen You?

How Fear Can Lead You Home (Workshop)

This in-depth group workshop addresses one of the most common
struggles in taking the leap to work you love:

Although they’re unpleasant, our fears can actually tell us a lot about where we need to go (or look) next.
Figuring this out on our own can be draining. So if you want to explore your fears with a group of other kickass humans, click below to be notified of my upcoming workshop dates! 


  • get real and deep with yourself as you explore what’s keeping you stuck
  • learn and practice how to listen on a level that allows for deeper insight and healing
  • meet others in similar positions and build community with other like-minded LGBTQ+ folk


  • a tool you can use to avoid acting from a place of fear (while respecting the feeling)
  • an understanding of how to use fear to guide you into a more powerful, confident and go-getting you
  • an accountability buddy to help you reach your goals moving forward
  • two clear next action steps to take and help you land/create your dream job

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Available for in-person person coaching in Ottawa, Canada or anywhere else in the world, online!

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