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Ever Had Days Like This?

You wake up to a blaring alarm clock, hit snooze a bunch of times, and finally force yourself to get out of bed.
The thought of having to go to work again makes you wince. 
You start getting dressed. Putting on your work clothes feels like putting on mask.
You feel sick at the prospect of hiding yourself for yet another day. 
Genuinely connecting with coworkers and clients feels impossible.
During your morning meeting, you hold back ideas that would bring something fresh to the table. 

You wouldn’t want to draw even more attention to how ‘different’ you are. 

When you get home, you feel drained as hell. 
You want to make a change, but you have no idea how. 
The only achievable thing tonight is to crawl into bed, pull up Netflix and binge on yet 
another queer family sitcom
Too many nights have gone by this way. 

You’re not alone. 

I’m here to tell you that you’ve got this. The job and the life you dream of are possible.

So Let’s Take A Minute and Imagine This Instead...

You look at yourself in the mirror on Monday morning – and, oh, Brazen You! 
You’re feeling like a member of the Fab Five, and can’t wait to put yourself to work.

You get to do what you love, with people who fuel you. AND you’re getting paid to do it! 

You head to lunch with a coworker. Partway through your conversation you’re overcome with gratitude.
Your colleagues appreciate your expertise, your contributions… they appreciate you. 
Later in the day, you wrap up with a client and notice a smile on their face.
A sense of deep fulfillment comes over you.  

“This is what I was made for”

Every time you meet up with your chosen family, they all comment on how much happier you are.
You’re getting do things you never even thought was possible!

Your work is having a meaningful IMPACT on the world around you. 

You find yourself more inspired and energized than ever to support friends and family in their own dreams, too.
And the best part: you get to be the real you, every day. In all your brazen glory.
So, hear me out: 
I get it.  
I get how being LGBTQ+ makes it harder to find support that speaks to your life, 
and your unique job search needs.
I believe that your unique outlook is too precious to hide. 
The world needs more of your bold visions, your heart of gold, 
and the big work you’ve been holding back on. 

My mission is to support you in finding a career that best nourishes your heart.

I'd be honoured to get to be there with you as you make this a reality.

I’m committed to resourcing LGBTQ+ people in their career journeys regardless of their financial situation. Click below to find out more about how to give the gift of coaching.

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